BlueVox Fair Use Policy

BlueVox allows you to call 85 countries around the world, with unlimited calls to both landlines and mobile phones included in our service. A small number of foreign carriers do not accept incoming calls from BlueVox, and some countries only allow BlueVox calls to landlines and not mobile phones. Please check our coverage area to ensure that your call destination is covered, and if you have further questions, contact our support team to determine if restrictions apply for the country you want to reach. Unlimited calling does not mean abusive use of our network. You must use BlueVox in consideration for others users. We want to provide the best service possible for all of our customers, keep our low rates, and we don't want to limit your usage of BlueVox unnecessarily. We have prepared this Fair Use Policy to help our users understand the intended and permissible use of the service. We also want to prevent fraud and abuse of our unlimited calling plan, which diminishes the BlueVox experience for other users. This policy is applicable to all accounts created on, and covers both personal and commercial accounts.
Normal and personal use Each line associated with your BlueVox account is intended to be used by one registered phone number only. You can replace the phone number associated with your BlueVox account online three times, but after that, you need to contact our customer support team to make this change. This prevents fraud and abusive users from sharing a single subscription and constantly transferring one account between multiple phone numbers. Honest, fair use lets us continue to keep our rates low.
Non-authorized use:

The following items are considered to be abusive or non-permitted usage practices:

- Adding a phone number of another person to your BlueVox account to make calls from this line.
- Operating a call center service from a BlueVox account, including Pro Accounts.
- Using BlueVox for auto-dialing and telemarketing.
- Using BlueVox as a monitor, intercom, or in any other way without live dialog communication.
- Using BlueVox for transcription purposes.

In addition to these restrictions, all accounts created BEFORE October 30th, 2013, 8:00PM EST time, are limited to 3000 minutes for each billing cycle. We have removed all per-minute limits for all accounts created or restarted after October 30th, 2013. Our system monitors your usage in real time to determine if your call is compliant with this policy. In most cases, users making calls under normal, personal, and non-abusive usage are not impacted by this policy. Our system automatically adjusts the quality of your connection in conjunction with current BlueVox call volume, as well as your current usage in the last 30 days. In some cases, if your usage is very high, the quality of your call may be altered temporarily. In addition to these policies, you may not use our service for any illegal, inappropriate, or improper use. We reserve the right to review your account and take further action including suspension and cancellation. In event of illegal activity, we also reserve the right to forward all relevant information to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for investigation and/or prosecution. Please note that all sales are final, and no refund will be provided once the service has been delivered. BlueVox reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. Last revision: August 2nd, 2014.

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